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Welcome to Waffelo's Den! I write articles and public journal posts. Woof.

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# Articles

# Journal

Here is my public log. Only most recent 10 posts are listed. Visit also my journal archive.

# About me

Picture of me

My name is Jakub Heger, I am a 18 years old Free Software enthusiast from the Slovak Republic. I am currently studying programming CNC machinery, robots and welding equipment at a secondary technical school. I do GNU/Linux and some scripting and programming as a hobby.

I'm interested in development of Free Software and hardware. I am learning electronics and programming in C and C++. And also I am learning to script in Bash.

I like going outside for walks to the nature, cities make me feel ill. I also like learning about "Ham radio" or "radio amateurs", I would like to get a license and callsign someday.

I use primarly Free Software to maximize my privacy and to reduce bloat. As my main computer I use librebooted Thinkpad X200 and as my server I use a some kind of 2014 pc which Jakub has given me.



# Contact me

You can contact me via free services. Please make sure you contact the right person and that the communication is secure. Before contacting me via XMPP check my OMEMO keys if they match. You can also encrypt e-mails with GPG.


Download my Public Key.

pub   rsa3072 2023-02-24 [SC]
      4F8B 036B 8DE8 ADA8  F514 78B5 3572 403B D325
uid           [ultimate] Jakub Heger 
sub   rsa3072 2023-02-24 [E]


9c9e0118 44a366a9 9a07e4cd 220845c5
a82e17d9 4bc7f851 4875883c 84241868
0f0ed5de d1428f77 bb3a03a9 51b9a09b
c2c9e879 62f61c5d 89dfc2c4 0e165208

# Services

Here are some of the services I host or use. All of them are 100% Free Software. A lot of my services are hosted on my Drgnz Club network.

🔍 Search engine searx.waffelo.net Selfhosted free search engine.(broken rn)
🫖 GIT (forgejo) git.waffelo.net GIT frontend
️️️️️️📹 Peertube video.drgnz.club Federated video sharing platform
️️️️️️📰 Fediverse social.drgnz.club Fediverse social akkoma instance
🎥 Invidious yt.drgnz.club Youtube frontend
🐷 Libreddit lr.drgnz.club Libre reddit webclient
📧 Rainloop mail.waffelo.net My private email web-client
🔉 Mumble mb.drgnz.club Open multi-user voice chat
⛏️ Minetest mt.drgnz.club Free minecraft like game

# Software I use

OS ️️️️🖥️ Parabola GNU/Linux Fully libre alternative to Arch GNU/Linux
Enviroment 🖱️ Suckless DWM Minimal, fast and cozy window manager written in C
Terminal ️🔧 Suckless st Minimal and fast terminal emulator
Browser 🌍 Librewolf Libre fork of furryfox 🦊
E-Mail client 📧 Rainloop Simple e-mail webclient
️XMPP 💬 Gajim GTK XMPP client
Calendar 📅 Calcurse CLI Calendar
Music 🔉 Ncmpcpp MPD based music player
Passwords 🔑 Pass Minimal command-line password manager

Special thanks to:

Jakub Bidzan (bidzan.net) for the server, thinkpad and for being the best woofi