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New website

17th March 2023
I was unsatisfied with my previous website because it was extremely bloated, the CSS file was extremely packed with shit ton of style rules which I could write better, but nope I was a dingus and I wrote everything into 3000 lines. The site is presentable, looks nice to average person, but it just made me uncomfy about how I have my things. I want to have mostly minimal, fast and easy things.
After the visit at Jakub I have decided to rewrite my website. I got inspired by his website, I think it is very obvious. I have made journal archive, gallery, shop and library pages to publish some of the stuff. I had to migrate my journal posts one by one. I did it today while I am at school. We have to program CNCs, and after that I can do whatever I want. I have done everything I was supposed to do. So in my free time I migrated everything.