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15th January 2023

Couple of days ago I started selfhosting my own Peertube instance to upload some videos there with my friends and not being dependant on Google. Some say that "YouR vIdEoS wOn'T gEt aNy ViEwS", I honestly don't care, I just want some video hosting place. You can find my Peertube instance on this link.

And yeah, right now there are a lot of pretty dumb balkan videos on there. Ignore that lol. If I will have something to make a video about, I will. Maybe about some thinkpad nerd stuff or some linux tips and tricks.

Oh yeah, I also modified my site's nginx settings a bit again. Now all www.waffelo links will redirect to the root domain waffelo.net, even with the page location crap so my old links will continue working.

I still haven't written the blog articles that I wanted to write, I am kinda lazy. I should get back into doing that. I want to write a guide on how to install parabola linux with encryption and another guide on how to build your own pwnagotchi and fix the AI.
Blogging can make me pick my ass up and actually start learning some new skills. Like this journal that made me feel ashamed of not having anything to write about my days and made me less lazy, blog could do the same thing with learning.