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New server

4th January 2023

I have recieved a server that was gifted to me by Jacob. I really appreciate this gift since it helps me a lot. I can now selfhost some of my services on a more reliable machine than my laptop and I can also learn more too. Go check out his website, he also has a lot of useful and interesting things there.

My website got moved to the server, I used to host my website on the Netlify but I wanted to be more independent. There are some minor differences to my website since it is hosted by an different program. It used to be hosted on apache and now it is hosted on Nginx.

I am also restarting my Minetest server because for some dumb reason I can't get my previous map to work. I need to start an Mumble server too. Oh yeah and also I was thinking about buying an additional domain for my selfhosted network, would be pretty cool. I wanted to try selfhosting matrix or XMPP.