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More new things

5th January 2023

Today I have made more changes to my server again! I have installed an 1tb HDD into my bad-dragon server and I also have started selfhosting SearXNG which you can find here.

I moved my website from www subdomain to classic domain root. So I have less complications later. I changed all the links and all that crap to match. I also have added an "owo" page as an easter egg, only those reading this will know about it, lol. It is really retarded page.
I also have set up something in Nginx configuration file to hide the .html extensions in the links, the address bar will look cleaner now. :wq

I need to remake the Minetest server with mods but I am lazy. I might do it sometime later. I also would like to make a selfhosted page on my website, just a list of my instances and information about them.