Drawing and Git server

24th January 2023

Three days ago I have started a sketchbook in which I will practice daily. I want to learn how to draw cartoonish and realistic things. I am practicing shapes and prespective right now. I see some small improvements already, I need to keep drawing daily and more. I hope this habit will last me more.
I have gotten more sketchbooks and pencils for that. I want to spare the nice sketchbooks for when I will be able to draw better. These sketchbooks have really nice paper, it isn't regular paper you find on A4 office paper or in school notes.
I have already created a character for my sketchbooks, his name is Karl and he is stuck in my sketchbooks, dodging my horrible drawings and being entraped in the maze of random shapes from when I practiced. Oh yeah, he is a stick figure.

I also have gotten a git server which was set up by my friend Jacob. You can find the git site at git.waffelo.net.