11th February 2023

Last tuesday I went to the school round with my project and I passed to the regional round. I made a thesis about demonstarting Wi-Fi security with Pwnagotchi. I am quite happy that this happened but also nervous. It is hard for me to present in front of people. And I also could have made something bigger and better, something I put effort in. Not some already made project. So right now I am changing my thesis document in LaTeX. I will upload it to this website when I will finish it.

My Git server has been migrated from Gitea to the Forgejo because of the Gitea situation. I have also changed the Forgejo website a bit. I set default dark theme, edited the logo to resemble mine and changed homepage captions.

I am thinking of creating a new website. Because this one is very bloated. Looks nice but it is just too bloat. I am thinking of some more simple website with less styling.