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2nd August 2023

I haven't made any updates to my website in a very long time. I just didn't feel like it. But I should be back to updating my website and being more active in the network that me and Jakub are building.
One day after my school ended and long antipicated summer break began, I have traveled to Czechia again to visit Jakub again. I was staying with him for eight days. We spent from three to seven hours walking in forests almost everyday. I really enjoyed the walks. We also have redesigned the drgnz.club website to a lot more modern looking style. I am pleased with how it turned out but I don't like this design since it doesn't describe our community in the correct way. It looks too modern for my taste and it doesn't have that simple and fun charm. I will try to redesign the website once again in my free time and I will see if we change the website again. Speaking of redesigning the drgnz.club website, I thought about redesigning my own personal website to a bit more presentable style.

In the recent few days I have returned to 3D printing and I have done several modifications to my Creality Ender 3 v2 printer. I have tried to change the look of the printer by replacing knobs and adding a Z-axis stepper motor cover with my logo on it all printed in purple filament. I have also installed the Hero Me 7 printhead which is also in purple color. Then I replaced the stock springs into the infamous yellow flat profile springs which are well known in the 3D printing community. Another upgrade which has made my prints turn out better is a new PEI coated magnetic and flexible printing surface. The prints stick on it better now and there is no corner warping.

Another thing that I have done in the past month is ricing my Suckless DWM enviroment and making my Neovim configuration better. I applied several patches to my DWM and ST such as new layouts, transparency, scrollback and gaps. This made my enviroment look better. I learned some vim keybinds and tricks. I added few plugins and that's about it..

Happy birthday Jakub! 🥳🎉💜