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3D Printer

3rd April 2023

A week ago I have bought myself a 3d printer. I wanted to buy this for a really long time because I found it useful for some things like printing out spare parts or some small fun things. It can be also useful when I will make some electronics projects, it will allow me to print out containers for encasing the electronics or some organizers for parts.

My printer is Creality Ender 3 v2, I bought it because it is a classic well known printer brand and because it is the newer and apperently better version of the good old Ender 3 which almost everyone has. So far it has been printing well, except that I have issues with the glass baseplate. I might switch it out for magnetic one in the future.

I have attempted to flash custom firmware that I have recompiled with host actions turned on. First tries it was failing because I didn't know that I have the newer LCD screen. I had to use a different format of uploading the screen assets. I GIMPed my own bootscreen with cute fluffy dragons but the firmware doesn't seem to show it up for some reason..

I have already printed out a lot of things like HDD Organizer, USB & SDCard organizer, Pwnagotchi case, Benchy (calibration model), statue of my WF logo, protogen and some BD and HP keychains.