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Geocaching with Jakub

(13th April 2023)

Several days ago I have visited Jacob again. We have installed Gentoo Linux and watched some movies again. Jacob set up a couch linux gaming machine which used Steam big picture view. We played Black Mesa and Soma for some time.

We were going out to the woods often to get some fresh air and find Geocaches (worldwide scavenger hunt game). We found a lot of geocaches, my favorite caches are at "Jezevci studanka" because it was pretty comfy, and a mystery cache in a water drain pipe which was infested with big spiders! The cache was around 60 meters far in the pipe. We had to get trough ice cold water to get it. I published a lot of the photos at this gallery page!

Together we have created our own geocache at studanka u Melatinu. The cache's code is GCA6XWK. Five people have found it in the first day, later days it went bit slower.