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Thinkpad & Minetest

29th November 2022

Last week on monday I have gotten my first ThinkPad x200, I have reflashed the libreboot because the previous one was kinda bad. I had issues with rebooting and shutting down the system. It all was fixed when I flashed the newest libtreboot version. The already present libreboot seemed like it was modified somewhat.
The internal flashing was simple, but a bit stressful. But now that I have done it I am more confident with myself. I would try to hardware flash.
The cleaning part was also fun. I just used some really soft cloth and window cleaner, it might sound a bit controversial but it works.

This also explains why I haven't done any updates to my website in last weeks. I was just too busy and excited for it. But now I should be back to my regular site editing.

I have switched fully to ThinkPad as my main system. I moved all files to the harddrive and also moved my lenovo legion 1TB hdd to the ThinkPad docking base. My Legion laptop is now being used as an server to host some services.

Mumble server 🗣️

I have started a Mumble server for voice chat. Mumble is an open source voice chat platform, like teamspeak. I prefer it becausee it is actually open and free. Unlike alternatives like Discord, Timspeak or Slack. Who even uses Slack? Some corpo workers in the united states?

I have setted up a few channels, one dedicated to the minetest. I would also like to try the minetest proximity chat mod, but I did not try to set it up yet. I don't know how I will set it up, if it will work I will be happy, it will be probably in Minetest sub-channel

The server currently has set password, this might be removed, or I might just keep it. But most probably it will be removed.

Minetest server ⛏️

I also have started a Minetest server with bunch of mods. It took me long time to figure out things. But it now works.
Minetest is an free and open-source minecraft like game that is not intended to play vanilla. Minetest is designed to be easily moddable and to be played with mods. Making mods for Minetest is simple.

Yesterday in the evening I have finishecd setting up the server, I added some mods, created a new world and tested it. It seems to run well so far. I will configure some mods while it will run, to make some adjustments to the gameplay. I might also add some smaller mods in the future. Last time I tried to make server with tons of mods ended badly. The server couldn't keep up with it and lagged a lot.

This all will be soon announced and made public. I will probably put the IPs and Ports to the front page so keep your eyes on it. I just need to make several small adjustments to it. Need to make rules and spawn area...

| I want to try making Minetest mods

I would like to try making some Minetest mods. It would be fun to learn all these things and create some great additions to the Minetest platform. I am thinking of some fun stuff like fun commands and mods. But I would also love to make some serious mods like additional hostile mobs that will spawn on the ground and under the surface. Minetest doesn't have enough mobs, at least on the ContentDB. Minetest also lacks some mods with more functionality than being there to fill up the inventory. I see mods that add ores and tools of certain type but are not good for anything, I would permit the rainbow ore and tools since it has additional mods like nyan cat. But the goo and lava tools are nonsense. It isn't about how much content the game has, it is about how much usable content there is that can fill some of your time with fun trying to get them or do something with them. I like the technical mods because they add functional and usable tools and materials. Unlike the stinky goo mod and other "stuff" mods.

| What can be improved

The thing that Minetest lacks is good textures, a lot of the textures are like from the Minecraft rip-off games. They don't feel the greatest. The other thing that also needs adjustment is movement, the movement sometimes feels awkward and clumsy. It would be great if there was some mod made to fix it.

The Minetest playerbase is quite decent, but it needs some more players. I don't want Minetest to suddenly get 50k active players suddenly, but at least 5k active players would be great. I will try to advertise Minetest to some of my friends both online and on the internet.