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Preparing articles

November 13th 2022

I am slowly preparing few articles for my blog, some of them are sort of an introduction to certain interesting projects and software, and others are just personal stuff and rants. I want to start making more of these personal opinion type blog posts so I have some way of sharing my views on stuff, I will rant a lot about modern society, modern technology and some frustrating things for me.

Currently I am planning articles about OSM, Fediverse, Libreboot, Thinkpads, "Why I am better than consooomers" and some more like this. I also want to make some of the more advanced blog posts like guides on how to build your own Pwnagotchi, how to degoogle your phone and maybe some homemade waffle recipe.

I am also planning to leave more proprietary and non-free services by the start of 2023. I will inform people about that and give them ways to contact me. People will be able to contact me trough Matrix, XMPP, Email and Signal even though I avoid Signal, but it is good for the normies and a lot better than Discord or Facebook Messanger. I will make a bigger blog post about that.

I need to start remaking the library page on my website and also some few smaller pages too. I have been saying that for a longer time but I am unable to kick my lazy ass to it.