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New journal style

8th November 2022

I usually write my journal entries in the evening at the end of the day but maybe I can make some change in it. I can try to write journal entries trougout the day if I have more time and stamp parts of the entry with time of the writing.

Today I would like to do some changs on my website again, to improve it and to add some few more features. I maybe will reintroduce my old library page and I might create the long promised favorite websites page - pages I find useful and informative or cool. I also might do some interesting pages just for fun, or improve some styling of my website.
The thing I could also add to my home page is the recent journal posts bar, I don't know how it will look yet so I am not adding it for now. It might be int that little sidebar or be as a thin bar above the recent blog posts.

I need to start doing programming related tasks again, to learn it. Good programming skills would be great for me because I would be able to make my own automatization, useful or fun programs that would benefit me and maybe others. I want to focus on electronics programming again, but I am too lazy, I just need to get out of my comfort zones to get to it.


After school comes more work. I need to do some more adjustments to my website and I need to learn some tech stuff again, I would like to learn programming more so I will try to go trough something.


Finished the donate section in the contact page.