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27th July 2022

Today I have remade the blog cards! They look smaller and better! I also made whole div boxes of buttons clickable. I made a projects page for my future projects. There will be more stuff coming to the site. I want this website to be sort of a hub for me, I don't want to have thousands of profiles everywhere.

I was supposed to go for a hike to local forest today, but I slept more that I was supposed to and missed the opportunity, it will be raining the next days so I am out of luck. I will try sometime later, I would love to hide a geocache somewhere, but I need to find the right place...

My plans for next days are that I will do some programming more, I will learn to program in Python and C++, past days I was mostly remaking my website, but now I should have most of those things done, I don't have any ideas what to add to the website. I am just writing my journal and blog. Even though probably no one reads it, it is fun for me and it is a way to express myself. I can also archive some of my thoughts like that and come back to it down the road few years later..
Anyways... I would also like to change my system colorscheme a little bit, make the pink and purple colors more important. I would also like to try Artix and Gentoo Linux distributions again. I will try to do full disk encryptions in a virtual-machine since I hate to use a system that doesn't have encrypted root partition.
Back to the projects, I would like to focus on some electronic devices like IoT and some fun electronics. I might also make something useful when I will have some problem that I would try to solve with my hobby. I would love to make a protogen visor for fun, maybe one that would be more advanced.