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26th July 2022

Early in the morning today, I have started working on a library page, and it was worth it. I will try to track my books with it. I also need to create pages for invididual books and write something about them, but maybe some other day because I am lazy for that rn.
Tomorrow I would like to go for a hike alone and hide a geocache, I have one already prepared, but I don't know where to hide it yet.. I will also try to find some geocaches. I enjoy geocaching, it can be really rewarding to find something cool during a long hike. I would like to hide more geocaches in my free time and maintain them, because it feels like the hobby is dying out.

I haven't really done any C++ programming or electronics lately, I need to look into it more often because I want to learn how to program microcontrollers and maybe do some IoT devices. I want to build some really cool stuff, but I need to learn and practice more. I will try my best to dedicate more time to that.